Supplying zero to one hundred electrical goods

Protective items

The meaning of electrical protection is the measures that must be taken in electrical installations so that the dangers caused by electric current do not cause harm to people, devices, consumers and wires carrying electric current. In order to avoid these types of errors, you should use different types of electrical protection. To ensure high protection, there are many protection equipments in the market that offer you a wide range of these equipments including fuses, circuit breakers, RCCBs, gas discharge tubes, thyristors and more.

Pipes and fittings

One of the equipment that is used in today’s construction is various types of pipes and electrical connections, which are considered important elements. Pipes and electrical fittings in a building create paths for wires and cables to pass through, which can take on the job of protecting electrical cables. Electric pipes are used in residential, office, commercial, industrial buildings and in general wherever electric wires and electrical conductors are used, and they cause order to the wires and cables of the building.

Switches and Sockets

Keys and sockets are made in many different colors and materials, which are often made of high-quality plastic, but the new key and socket frame is generally made of brass alloy, which, in addition to its unique beauty, can be highly resistant. , the lack of color change and decay pointed out. Also, all kinds of switches and sockets with leather, wood, metal or even crystal covers are produced in this collection. With this variety, you can easily match the electrical components of the building with your classic or modern decoration.

Wire and cable

Wires and cables are produced in two types of aluminum and copper and can be used in weak, medium and strong pressure ranges. The types of wire and cable are as follows: paired wire and cable (telecommunication or telephone), earth wire, nylon wire, bag wire, network cable (LAN), coaxial cable (antenna), flat cable, self-supporting cable, steering cable.



Lighting products

Lighting products are used for indoor and outdoor spaces, which require the use of products that have grade A quality and are practical. Lighting products are considered to be the most widely used and necessary tools in any environment, the visual appearance of an object or a space depends on the characteristics of the applied lighting. Among the parameters that affect the appearance are light intensity, its spectral composition and distribution in space.


The process of doing projects

  • Counseling
  • Product order
  • Product supply
  • after sales service

The buyer can announce the desired products by mentioning the details so that the commercial experts of Sepahran Company will announce the right price as soon as possible according to the quality level of the goods that the buyer is interested in. And the proforma invoice is sent to the buyer.

Sepehran commercial experts are ready to give the necessary advice in the field of zero to one hundred purchase of electrical goods according to the project and expectations of the buyer and provide suitable decision-making conditions for the buyer so that the buyer can make a more pleasant and comfortable choice.

.If the proforma invoice provided by Sepehran Trading is approved by the buyer. The company supplies or produces goods and then delivers the goods to the buyer’s declared address

.Sepehran Trading Company will provide the necessary support regarding the after-sales service according to the customer’s chosen product




Successful order supply


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