Sepehran Trade

Company name: Saman Burgh Sepehran

Company type: Private limited company

Date of establishment: 26 September 2016


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Sepehran Trading Company, relying on God’s grace and valuable capital of human resources and benefiting from the talents, experiences and expertise of employees and managers and increasing their productivity and eliminating intermediaries and direct and continuous communication with electrical product manufacturers across the country and It uses all its efforts in providing services and supplying zero to one hundred construction electrical goods with the highest quality and in accordance with national and international standards and timely delivery to colleagues and activists in the field of construction industry.

The first choice of architects, engineers and mass builders regarding the supply of zero to one hundred electrical goods for their projects in Iran until 1405

Gaining export status to neighboring countries until 1405

Obtaining the title of the best producer by the end of 1406

Improving the quality of working life of employees

Sepahran Trading Company was established in 2016 with the aim of providing 0 to 100 electrical products by the founding board of Mr. Hamid Vahdatparast and Jalal Nouri Shamsabad in Khorasan Razavi province of Mashhad city.

This company has expanded its business space by obtaining representation from top brands in the field of supplying electrical goods, in such a way that it is currently working as one of t distribution centers of 0 to 100 electrical goods in the east of the country. This collection has been able to cover various projects in the fields of residential, commercial, office, industrial, workshop, hospital, hotel, etc. by obtaining dozens of representatives from reputable factories in this industry.

With more than ten years of experience in providing electrical equipment in the country, Sepehran Trading Company is proud to respond to all the needs of colleagues and activists in the fields of industry and construction by offering 0 to 100 types of products from the best brands in the electrical industry. It is also active in both domestic and foreign trade sectors in the field of electrical goods distribution (more than 10,000 types of products) throughout the country.

Saman Barq Sepehran Company entered the Iran headquarters system in 2018 and has many customers in this system due to the announcement of fair prices.

In 1401, he increased his activities in the virtual field and in addition to the electrical supply site, which is a store site and has more than a thousand products, he also launched the site.

and entered the international markets in 1402….

It should be mentioned that variety of products, timely delivery of goods, reasonable price, proper behavior with customers and commitment in work are moral and organizational indicators of employees of Sepehran Trading Complex. Some examples of principles that are followed by employees include:

* Obedience to the law at any time and under any circumstances

* Being fair and honest

* Use of correct information

* Not acting immorally

* Prevention of ethical violations

* Report unethical cases

1. Social and Environmental Responsibilities: It is very important for Saman Bargh Sepehran Company to use products for sale that do not harm the environment, but it has tried to use items to introduce and sell to its customers that have high efficiency and Minimal energy wastage prevents high electricity consumption and also takes care of the customer’s capital to have a lower cost over time. In addition to these safe products with international standards, it is also important for the company to introduce them to its customers to avoid potential life risks. The company’s consumer goods, such as the use of LED lamps, most of the company’s internal processes are digital to minimize paper waste, provide recycling bins, and outsource some work in order to reduce the negative impact of traffic, etc., all of which are aimed at preserving the environment. is life

2. Charitable social responsibilities: Sepehran Trading Company gives employees time off for voluntary activities and also a percentage of the company’s income is spent on charity. The company also supports sports and athletes.

3. Social and ethical responsibilities: Sepehran Trading Company provides easy job opportunities with great income and increases the motivation of its employees through rewards. Sepehran Trading uses more natural light, soft chairs and flowers and plants to boost the energy and morale of its employees at work.

Company's work history

So far, Sepehran Trading has prepared and shipped goods for more than 850 government and private projects. All the efforts of the commercial unit are based on the principle that according to the connections with the main factories and importers of the goods, it will supply the needs of the customers with the lowest commercial profit and deliver them as soon as possible. Saman Bargh Sepehran Group is committed to be your best advisor and companion with its experience in the provision, installation and operation of electrical equipment. Our main mission is to provide electrical goods according to the customer’s needs with the best quality and the cheapest possible price. We are proud to be with you and we owe this position to your support.

• Continuous presence in international exhibitions of electricity and construction industry throughout the country

• Attending the international exhibition of Tehran construction industry in 1402

• Exciting presence in Mashhad international electricity exhibition in 1401

• Attending the Mashhad international lighting and chandelier exhibition in 1401

• Attending the Mashhad International Construction Industry Exhibition in 1401

• Attending the Bojnoord International Electricity Exhibition in 2016

• Attending Birjand International Electricity Exhibition in 2016

Awards and honors

• Exciting presence in Mashhad international electricity exhibition in 1401 and winning the title of attraction

Organizational Structure