1. Social and Environmental Responsibilities: It is very important for Saman Bargh Sepehran Company to use products for sale that do not harm the environment, but it has tried to use items to introduce and sell to its customers that have high efficiency and Minimal energy wastage prevents high electricity consumption and also takes care of the customer’s capital to have a lower cost over time. In addition to these safe products with international standards, it is also important for the company to introduce them to its customers to avoid potential life risks. The company’s consumer goods, such as the use of LED lamps, most of the company’s internal processes are digital to minimize paper waste, provide recycling bins, and outsource some work in order to reduce the negative impact of traffic, etc., all of which are aimed at preserving the environment. is life

2. Charitable social responsibilities: Sepehran Trading Company gives employees time off for voluntary activities and also a percentage of the company’s income is spent on charity. The company also supports sports and athletes.

3. Social and ethical responsibilities: Sepehran Trading Company provides easy job opportunities with great income and increases the motivation of its employees through rewards. Sepehran Trading uses more natural light, soft chairs and flowers and plants to boost the energy and morale of its employees at work.