Sepahran Trading Company was established in 2016 with the aim of providing 0 to 100 electrical products by the founding board of Mr. Hamid Vahdatparast and Jalal Nouri Shamsabad in Khorasan Razavi province of Mashhad city.

This company has expanded its business space by obtaining representation from top brands in the field of supplying electrical goods, in such a way that it is currently working as one of t distribution centers of 0 to 100 electrical goods in the east of the country. This collection has been able to cover various projects in the fields of residential, commercial, office, industrial, workshop, hospital, hotel, etc. by obtaining dozens of representatives from reputable factories in this industry.

With more than ten years of experience in providing electrical equipment in the country, Sepehran Trading Company is proud to respond to all the needs of colleagues and activists in the fields of industry and construction by offering 0 to 100 types of products from the best brands in the electrical industry. It is also active in both domestic and foreign trade sectors in the field of electrical goods distribution (more than 10,000 types of products) throughout the country.

Saman Barq Sepehran Company entered the Iran headquarters system in 2018 and has many customers in this system due to the announcement of fair prices.

In 1401, he increased his activities in the virtual field and in addition to the electrical supply site, which is a store site and has more than a thousand products, he also launched the site.

and entered the international markets in 1402….

It should be mentioned that variety of products, timely delivery of goods, reasonable price, proper behavior with customers and commitment in work are moral and organizational indicators of employees of Sepehran Trading Complex. Some examples of principles that are followed by employees include:

* Obedience to the law at any time and under any circumstances

* Being fair and honest

* Use of correct information

* Not acting immorally

* Prevention of ethical violations

* Report unethical cases